What can we help you with?

We offer a physical showroom/store where you can shop directly in store, make orders and also have a good contact network of products from all over Europe, where we can help you try to find something special you might be looking for.

If you want help with decorating your home, we will be happy to come by your home if you live in the Marina Alta area. If you live outside the area, it is fine to send sketches of your spaces you want to decorate.

Although we have a lot of interior design from Scandinavia, but of course we adapt to all different types of styles. If you want Ibiza style, we'll make it happen.

Welcome to our projects

Image after and before the renovation of a villa.

Before the renovation

We love taking care of older houses and seeing what opportunities it has to show itself from its best side.

After the kitchen renovation

We are happy to help you see what possibilities you have for changing your house.

Before this kitchen was renovated

A classic kitchen which you often seen in Spain. Narrow and small, so we removed the wall facing the living room and opened up a more social area.